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Mateus N Natanael

Mateus Natanael known as “Matt ya Nata” a previous school drop out after failing grade 12 with only 18 points. “I thought to my self, why not focus at what I am good at? ” which was the sales environment at the time as I had not only worked in retail but have attended numerous expos at which I had an opportunity to be an exhibitor. Windhoek show ground and Ongwediva trade fair were some of the expos I attended.

While busy with sales a good friend of mine Kevin Zariua advised me to join him on a journey of upgrading our grade 12 points. Well I did ! and lets just say after Consistency ,Hardwork ,Prayers and Discipline we both have over 35 points in grade 12. 

Do you need help with NSSCO subjects? Being a person that has been there before I know exactly how you feel. Whether you are full-time and still attend formal school or a part-time leaner upgrading your points, our aim on this platform is to meet you halfway in your academic journey given that you also do your part as a scholar.

We Currently only have pre recoded lessons for Mathematics uploaded. Keep an eye on our social media platforms as we will announce once other subjects have been added.


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To be a first choice academic support institution.